This is a bit of a strange Club News to be writing seeing as there have been precisely zero jumps here since the last one was published. However, a few of us are lucky enough to be locked down on the DZ and we have been putting our time to good use!

We have been painting, gardening, cleaning, DIY-ing, running, cycling, BBQ-ing (lots of BBQs), but most of all we have been wishing we could go skydiving again.

By now we should have had Boogie One. The weather was great so we’re sure it would have been an epic week. Even though there was no jumping we still managed to make a boogie day tape – adhering to all the social distance rules of course – and as everyone knows it’s not a real boogie without a boogie party, so we took to Zoom and had a virtual Langar bar party with all the usual suspects.
We’re not sure when we will be able to open again but we know that when we can it’s going to be awesome. We hope you’re all keeping safe and we can’t wait to see you all, fingers crossed in the not too distant future!

Emily Aucutt

Editor’s note – Emily was too modest to write about her awesome achievement so I’m going to do it for her: on April 26, the day that should have been the London Marathon, she ran 26.2-and-a-bit miles around Langar to raise money for MIND. Her final lap of the airfield ended with a socially distanced finish line near manifest. Emily’s Virgin Money Giving page is still live if you would like to add to her sponsorship total.

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Photo: Emily Aucutt with a much-deserved beer