After many months in lockdown, the UK is skydiving again. And things were off to a great start at Sibson.

Thanks to all the staff for getting things Covid ready. Many new safety measures are now in place to ensure social distancing is maintained around the DZ. Masks are now commonplace and required in the plane, so make sure you have something strong that won’t get blown away instantly! Get in touch with Nick or Chris if you want something stylish to go with your kit.

The first weekend back jumping saw lots of clubbies enjoying their return to the skies. Some AFF students got straight back into it and we had a few tandems too, including clubbies helping out with the staff currency jumps. Regular clubbie Luke did his first tandem, along with his prosthetic leg, good going mate. Kyle jumped on Sibson’s first day open and then promptly took his smug face off to France for a week!

The DZ now uses Burble, so please get the app and add your details to be ready for jumping. Please also check the Sibson Skydivers Facebook group for updates about anything else you might need to know about.

Finally, take things steady. It’s probably been a while since reopening now, but it’s still been a long layoff for many, so don’t rush things and do stay safe!

Russ Horne

ACHIEVEMENTS: FS1 Lewis Stonebridge JUMP NUMBERS 800 Chris Parsons

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Photo: The legendary ‘Deano’ by Paul Garwood