Happy New Year everyone and with it being a new decade as well we have a change to the club reps. Neal Fitzpatrick and Slawomir Stempel (Roy) are now the new club reps, and we thank Rod McCrory especially for his hard work over the past 10 years, and Simon Finlay for his assistance.

Where do we start? Former QUB president Rafal Kacprzyk achieved his Category System Instructor rating and joins the ever-growing pool of instructors, whilst newest TI Neal managed to get his 100th tandem descent. QUB Skydiving recruited in September under their new president Becca McAlister with assistance from Nicola and Victor and put a lot of students through their static line courses with some getting their first jumps in, and some returning for more! In the bad weather they have been learning to pack.

The numbers have been quite high this year which is encouraging for the club as they have been low for a while and hopefully this trend continues. Slawomir Stempel, Ian Martin and Robbie Smith achieved their A Licences with Slawomir taking the coveted Student of the Year trophy at the Christmas dinner. Rod, Orla, Pete and Ronan ventured off to the Algarve for Christmas jumping with Ronan achieving his FS1 whilst Stephen Campbell ventured to Seville and achieved his 500th descent. Well done!

When this Mag goes to press, the British Skydiving Expo will have happened with some members heading over.

From March 12-19 the display team are heading over to Seville to get some currency jumps in. Everyone is invited, please speak to the CI if interested. That wraps it up for this issue, blue skies and safe landings.

Neal Fitzpatrick and Slawomir Stempel (Roy)

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Photo: One of the new club reps, Slawomir Stempel about to exit by Martin Skrbel