British Skydiving AGM 2020

British Skydiving AGM -10:30 on Saturday 25 January 2020 at East Midlands Conference Centre (EMCC), University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RJ

Documents for the AGM 2020:

Submission of member resolutions for British Skydiving AGM 2020

*The date for submissions of member resolutions passed on 1 November 2019.

Member resolutions, which must be from full (voting) members, need to be submitted in writing to the British Skydiving Secretary-General by 1 November 2019 preceding the January AGM, in order that they may be considered at the last ordinary Council meeting before the AGM, which normally takes place in late November or early December.

Receipt will be acknowledged, in the absence of which it is the responsibility of the member submitting the resolution to check to confirm that it has been received. The resolution may include up to 500 words of explanatory text for inclusion in the notice with the resolution.

Council will negotiate with the member submitting the resolution on its purpose and clarity of wording, and that of any explanatory text. Council may decline to publish a resolution that deals with the same issues as another resolution which is to be considered at the same AGM; and may also decline to publish a resolution (or explanatory text) if they believe it may be defamatory, or that it might be otherwise unlawful, or that to publish the material might bring the sport or the Association into disrepute.

It may or may not be that Council can negotiate an agreement with the member/s proposing the resolution/s such that the proposer/s decides there is no longer a need to progress their resolution/s to the AGM. If the resolution goes forward to the AGM, Council may issue its own commentary not exceeding 500 words.

Members putting duly notified resolutions to the AGM will be invited to propose them orally at the AGM, and will normally be advised by Council of a set time allowance to do this because of the need for timely dispatch of business at the meeting. Council may make an oral response. In the event of a ballot on a member resolution, the proposing member or his/her nominee will be invited to observe the count.

Any two members can request a ballot before or on the declaration of the result of a show of hands (Article 9.7).