Skydiving World Cups

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World Cups 2021

15-25 Jul 2021
The World Games, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
2631 Jul 2021
15th FAI World Cup of Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing, Strakonice, CZE
26-31 Jul 2021
7th FAI Junior European Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships, Strakonice, CZE
26-31 Jul 2021
10th FAI European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Parachuting Championship, Strakonice, CZE

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The international calendar of skydiving events is organised by the International Parachuting Commission (IPC) of the World Air Sports Federation (FAI).

Sporting Licenses

You may have heard about changes to the arrangements for Sporting Licenses for World Records and international competitions. Changes to the recording of Sporting License holders now mean that it is not enough to have the sticker in your BPA Licence book; your details will be checked against the FAI Sporting License Database and failure to appear on the FAI Database will mean that you will not be able to take part in your chosen event.

To apply for entry to the FAI Database, may we kindly ask that you send your completed Form 110 together with payment direct to BPA HQ (applications sent through a PTO may result in delay), where we will be happy to process and forward your details to RAeC to forward to FAI for upload to the database.

We recommend that this is done at least four weeks before the event in which you wish to take part. See