British Skydiving UKSL & Grand Prix 2020

*COVID19 UPDATE* Following government advice to avoid gatherings, all non-essential travel and mindful of our social responsibility, British Skydiving has postponed a number of events.

We have scheduled a formal review of the position on Monday 4 May. Further details >>

Competition Location Date (2020) Update
UKSL Meet 1 APA Netheravon 02-03 May POSTPONED
UKSL Meet 2 Skydive Northwest, Cark 06-07 Jun  
UKSL Meet 3 UK Parachuting, Sibson 04-05 Jul  
GP in Accuracy Meet 1 Skydive Northwest, Cark 16-17 May POSTPONED
GP in Accuracy Meet 1 Skydive Headcorn 30-31 May POSTPONED
GP in Canopy Formation Meet 1 SkydiveBuzz, Dunkeswell 27- 28 Jun  
GP in Canopy Formation Meet 2 Skydive Langar 25-26 July  


Rules & entry forms

Entry forms can be found on the Forms page. Entry forms for 2020 season will be published in the spring.

2019 rules remain available for information only

Accuracy landings Grand Prix
uploaded 15/04/2019

  • British Skydiving Form 166 – Grand Prix Accuracy Landings Rules
  • British Skydiving Form 132A – Grand Prix Accuracy Landings Entry Form

Formation Skydiving – UKSL
uploaded 13/05/2019

  • British Skydiving Form 165 – UKSL 4 Way Rules
  • British Skydiving Form 131 – UKSL 4 Way Entry Form

Canopy Formation Grand Prix
uploaded 15/05/2019

  • British Skydiving Form 164 – Grand Prix Canopy Formation Rules
  • British Skydiving Form 291 – Canopy Formation Technical Rules
  • British Skydiving Form 133 – Grand Prix Canopy Formation Entry Form