Committees 2020

British Skydiving also has four Specialised Interest Groups (SIGs). Meetings of SIGs are arranged by their sponsoring committee, and are chaired by the Chair of the main Committee or his/her nominee. See the diary of events for meeting dates (as available).

Finance Committee

  • Committee Chair: Tash Higman, Treasurer
  • Committee Secretary: Lise Moore, Finance Manager
  • Volunteer Members: Debbie Carter

IT Strategy Group (reporting to Finance Committee)

  • Committee Chair: Craig Poxon, Chair of Council
  • Committee Secretary:
  • Lise Moore, Finance Manager
  • Committee Members:  Nathan Tutt (Managing Director – ComputerLink Ltd), Jack Davies

Member Development Committee (MDC)

  • Committee Chair: Mark Bayada
  • Committee Secretary:
  • Lise Moore, Finance Manager
  • Committee Members:  Mary Barratt, Alex Busby-Hicks, Rob Hartley, Kate Lindsley, Rob Spour

Specialised Interest Groups sponsored by the Member Development Committee:

  • Drop Zone Owners & Operators Specialised Interest Group

Elite Performance Committee

  • Committee Chair: Mary Barratt
  • Committee Vice-Chair: Sam Lee
  • Committee Secretary: Helen Lucas, Administration Secretary
  • Committee Members: Simon Soper, Joanne Shaw, Eleanor Southworth, Tom Rofe (Volunteer cttee member)
  • Co-opted, non-voting Members: John Smyth MVO – ISC Delegate, Lucy Westgarth – Judges’ Co-ordinator, Mark Bayada 

Technical Excellence Advisors -TEAs (Advisors to MDC & EPC)

Specialised Interest Groups sponsored by the Competitions Committee:

  • Competition Judges Specialised Interest Group

Communications Committee

Council at its meeting on 10 March 2020 agreed on new arrangements for the work of the Communications Committee, which has now been dissolved. Going forward the Member Development Committee (MDC) will take oversight of member communications within its remit, the Communications Manager also covering public relations, media and visibility of the sport to the wider public; and the establishment of a new Editorial Advisory Panel that is expected to meet infrequently. Adrian Bond (Vice-Chair of Council) will continue as organiser of Skydive the Expo and Chair of the Expo Working Group.

Safety & Training Committee (STC)

  • Committee Chair: Jeff Montgomery, Safety & Technical Officer
  • Committee Secretary: Trudy Kemp, PA to COO & STO
  • Sub Committee: Riggers

Specialised Interest Groups sponsored by STC:

  • Display Teams Specialised Interest Group
  • Pilots Specialised Interest Group