Good Governance

British Skydiving is a not-for-profit Association that formally adopted the Principles of Good Governance for Sport & Recreation in January 2015.

The UK sport sector is embracing good governance and works to the Voluntary Code of Good Governance for the Sport and Recreation Sector, in which British Skydiving is proud to be part of this structure.

British Skydiving endeavours to adhere to a high standard of governance and ethical stance to support the future of the sport and build a stronger Association.

What is Governance?

Governance refers to the practices and processes by which an organisation is directed and controlled.

Good governance is about making sure organisations are well run for the benefit of all stakeholders, who are socially responsible that is for the benefit of everyone. 

The principles of good governance apply to all organisations. British Skydiving is a member of the Sport & Recreation Alliance and have adopted the Voluntary Code of Good Governance which is supported by the government and other official agencies.

Principles of Governance

The eight principles are:
  1. Achieving business goals in delivering vision, mission and values
  2. Acting with Integrity as guardians of the sport and the Association
  3. Identify and be aware of risks associated with strategic planning and objectives 
  4. Promote a positive culture by inspiring accountability, integrity, transparency, trust and good communication. 
  5. Prevent, detect and reduce adversity through establishing controls and procedures to maintain the reputation of the Association and the sport
  6. Forward thinking to support changes in strategic direction to engage with the evolving sporting landscape
  7. Establish capabilities that allow the Association to be more responsive and optimise economic returns through appropriate human and financial resources that maximise the Association’s values and competitive advantage.
  8. Maintain the viability of the board by evaluating and defining the appropriate skill set to deliver the strategic plan and to gain stakeholder confidence

Benefits of Governance

The 5 benefits are:
  1. Promotes a set of principles that build trust in the Association
  2. Motivates good leadership skills in the governance of the Association that maintains credibility
  3. Boosts stakeholder and investor (including sponsor) confidence
  4. Promotes an ethical culture of accountability, responsibility and  transparency
  5. Governance allows for the self-regulation of the sport in maintaining sustainability