British Skydiving  Virtual AGM

British Skydiving is hosted its first online Annual General Meeting on 30 January 2021, giving members the opportunity to learn how we have managed what has been the most challenging and unusual period in the Association’s 60-year history.

Members were invited to vote on resolutions by our election partner, UK-Engage. The results of the resolutions are declared at the end of the AGM, which was hosted by our Chair, Craig Poxon, Vice-Chair, Adrian Bond and Treasurer, Tash Higman. During the AGM, Craig delivers a review of 2020 and speaks about the impact of Covid-19 on its operations, the provisions made to support its affiliated Parachute Training Organisations during the pandemic and the need for Council to take tough decisions to protect the future resilience of the Association as it enters the New Year. After the AGM there is a presentation of Star Awards and the Mike Forge Trophy for Skydiver of the Year 2020.

2021  Virtual AGM Papers

You can download and view all the required papers for the British Skydiving virtual AGM by clicking on the links below.

Agenda AGM 2021

Minutes of the 2020 AGM

Annual Report 2019-20

British Skydiving AGM site

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