WIN £5000

The Safety Innovation Award for Sport Parachuting kindly sponsored by British Skydiving’s insurance partners Romero Sports & Leisure (brokers) and AXA (underwriters).

Award criteria

Entries are invited of safety initiatives that may be physical or psychological, managerial or mechanical, ergonomic or educational  – any kind of initiative that improves safety in sport parachuting. The challenge is to impress the judging panel, which will comprise experts in sport skydiving safety, occupational safety, and risk management.

Entry to this annual competition is open to:

British Skydiving members as individuals or groups

British Skydiving Parachute Training Organisations, and

British Skydiving Display Teams.

The winner will be the proud custodian of the British Skydiving Safety Innovation Trophy for a year, and will also receive a cash prize of £5000 kindly donated by Romero Sports and Leisure, British Skydiving’s insurance broker, as part of their risk management activities in our sport. 


Enter using the online form, entries must be submitted no later than Monday 1 November 2021. 

    Conditions of entry

    1)   The judges reserve the right to call for more information and/or a virtual or physical meeting and/or demonstration before reaching their decision. Compliance with any such request of the judges shall form a condition of entry, without which an entry may be declared incomplete and therefore void.

    2)   Safety innovations that have already been adopted within sport parachuting on a commercial basis, or already accepted for future commercial production/sales, shall not be eligible for entry.

    3)   The intellectual rights to any safety innovation submitted must belong to the British Skydiving member/s or Affiliated/Registered body that submitted the entry except where the innovation is the application of an established safety measure from outside the sport parachuting sector to sport parachuting for the first time.

    4)   British Skydiving and Romero shall have the right to publicise the winning entry and it is a condition of entry that the winner will support any such publicity.

    5)   In the event that, in in the view of the judging panel, no entries reach an adequate standard to justify the award, no award may be made in a particular year.

    6)   The judges decision shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.