The Development Event scheme is an initiative of the Member Development Committee (MDC). Under this scheme, members of British Skydiving can apply for up to £1500 to support the running of
an event that focuses on member development. This might support, for example, bringing in coaches in an area that a DZ is otherwise unable to offer, such as canopy training or wingsuiting. It could support the running an event that gives jumpers a taste of competition. It could be used to help organise night jumps. It could provide funding for a marquee and guest speaker at an event for an under-represented group of skydivers. While the scheme is open to a wide range of events, from time to time, MDC may issue calls for particular types of event to meet needs among our grass-roots members or address gaps in current events.

Alongside offering financial support, the Development Event scheme will provide British Skydiving branding and national recognition and promotion for the events it supports. The scheme can also offer assistance in other forms, such as mentorship, advice and administrative support. For example, it might include training in using social media effectively. In this way, MDC aims to assist a broad range of events that respond to the needs of those at an early stage of their skydiving journey, support those looking to develop skills across areas such as coaching, load organising and mentoring. Importantly, the scheme acknowledges the talent and enthusiasm of many of our more experienced members. So, if you jump at, or run, a smaller DZ where you see people struggling to get FS1 or CF1 coaching – the Development Event scheme can provide funding to cover the costs of bringing in some extra coaches or, if you are struggling to find the right coaches, it can connect you. Perhaps you are a coach, passionate about your discipline and keen to build your coaching experience – the scheme can help you put together an event for members at a DZ that needs more coaches in that discipline, or it could help you build your skills by aligning you with a more experienced coach as a mentor. Perhaps you are an organiser who thinks that covering the coaches’ slots for load organising small groups of low experienced jumpers would make a difference, and you want to try it – put in an application. If you have a great idea for an event that could celebrate diversity among our members – the Development Event scheme can offer funding. 

Are you one of British Skydiving’s highly experienced members who
is keen to give back to the sport and help newer members grow?

Get your ideas down on the Development Event Application Form. Are you a CI with a great idea for helping new members find their feet in the skydiving community, or develop an interest in becoming an instructor, or in competing, what would you need to make that happen? British Skydiving’s Development Event scheme considers each application on its own terms, with the aim of supporting a range of initiatives that offer the best value to members. 

By Rafal Kacprzyk
Curt and Jeanie By Rafal Kacprzyk

To make an application to British Skydiving’s Development Event use Form 339


Please read the guidance below carefully before
completing the form. You can find all these details on Form 341 as well.


1. All applicants must be members of British Skydiving in good standing and owing no debt to the Association.
2. Applications will ONLY be accepted if submitted via [Form no.339] Application Form.
3. MDC encourages applications to be submitted in August/mid-September for events to be held in the following calendar year. Applications received by mid-September, and thereby considered at MDC’s autumn meeting, will be given priority. Any funding remaining after that initial allocation will be available for subsequent applications, and the scheme will remain open to applications until the funding for that year has been exhausted.
4. When applying please bear in mind that the availability of funding depends on budgetary limits, which vary from year to year, and we are likely to receive a significant number of applications, so an August/mid-September application has a greater chance of success.
5. Applications must be received no less than 12 weeks prior to the start date of the event.
6. This scheme offers up to £1500 per event, alongside other forms of support, such as guidance on good practice, mentorship, provision of hard copies of manuals and other paperwork, and administrative support. Please identify requirements of this type as clearly as possible in your application.
7. Liaison between all those involved in the delivery of an event is key to its success, so please make sure that you have already made contact with other parties likely to be involved before making an application.
8. There is considerable goodwill within skydiving, which often plays a significant part in the success of events. The enthusiasm and passion of those in our sport is one of our greatest resources. We encourage all applicants to consider how they might best make use of this in relation to the proposed event.
9. In making its decisions, the Member Development Committee (MDC) will give priority to those events it considers offer the best value in terms of encouraging skills development, participation, safety and / or progression among British Skydiving’s grassroots members.


1. Funding will not be granted to support competing at British Skydiving events or hosting British Skydiving competitions, or for scheduled British Skydiving courses.
2. Only events for those of A licence and above will be considered, any activities that involve training for sub-A licence members and tandems will not be considered for support under this scheme.
3. Funding will not be granted for events that conflict with advertised dates for a British Skydiving National Championship
4. When applying you should identify clearly how the event will support skills development, safety, participation and / or progression among British Skydiving’s grassroots members.
5. We recommend that a nominal registration fee of £25 is taken and a discount is applied to all jump tickets for the event, which will be offset from the registration fee. This is intended to secure attendance and give value to events. If you wish to take an alternative approach, this should be clearly explained on the Application Form.
6. We recommend that participants cover the cost of coaches’ slots. If an alternative approach is to be taken, this should be clearly explained on your application.
7. Nominal fees for coaching, organiser, judge, cameraflyer, speaker or equivalent can be charged in relation to the event, up to a maximum of £100 per person per day.
8. Funding can be used to cover travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses where appropriate. Where agreed this will be in accordance with British Skydiving’s Volunteer Expenses Policy (Form 335). The scheme will not cover costs in excess of those set out in
that policy.
9. Funding can be used for other reasonable relevant costs, which includes, but is not limited to, professional video editing and hire of equipment required for the running of the event such as marquees, lighting for a night jump, creepers, projection screen etc.
10. If you require support with aspects of the event such as contact with coaches, support with promotion or administration, provision of documents etc, please make that clear in your application.
11. We recommend that applicants wait until the outcome of their application is known before promoting the event as this allows for the advantages of combined promotion to be maximised. If you plan to use already established promotion, please detail this on the application form.


1. All decisions regarding the allocation of support under British Skydiving’s Development Event scheme will be made by the Member Development Committee and applicants will be notified of the outcome at the earliest opportunity.
2. If your application is successful, an Agreement Form [Form no.340] and other relevant information will be sent out after MDC has made its decision. This form should be signed and returned within two weeks of receipt. Once signed and returned this form will act as a contract between those in receipt of Development Event support and British Skydiving.
3. Applicants who receive support from the scheme will be expected to adhere to British Skydiving’s Code of Conduct for Volunteers (Form 303) for the duration on the event.
4. Applicants who receive support from the scheme will be expected to liaise with British Skydiving’s Communications Manager and to provide material as specified on the Agreement Form [Form no.340]
5. Applicants who receive support from the scheme will be expected to make use of the promotional material supplied by British Skydiving, and to return it to the office directly at the end of the event
6. Applicants who receive support will be expected to implement British Skydiving’s feedback processes as relevant (links will be sent).
7. Any expenses agreed in relation to the Development Event can be claimed after the event has taken place. Claims must be made within one month of the event ending and must be made in accordance with British Skydiving’s Volunteer Expenses Policy. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all conditions are met and valid receipts/paid invoices for applicable costs are retained and provided with the claim(s) where appropriate