Instructor of the Year

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1982Steve Thomas
1983Felicity Martin
1984Ted Oldrey
1985George Campbell
1986Greg Cox
1987Mark Greenfield
1988Alan Brooks
1989Philip A. Fixens
1990Andy Peckett
1991Clem Quinn
1992Alan Burkill
1993Debbie Ingle
1994Eddie Smerdon
1995Dave Rugg
1996David Openshaw
1997Andy Godwin
1998Barrie Buck
1999Zoe Carroll
2000Jeff Montgomery
2001Richard Allaway
2002Geoff Mason
2003Lisa James
2004Steven Forster
2005Gavin Tuckley
2006Pelham Georghiades
2007Genevieve Huntley
2008Joanne Burns
2009Jonathan Irving
2010Tim Hanlon
2011Duncan Cockburn
2012Frank Millerick
2013Sian Stokes
2014David 'Bobby' Charlton
2015Andrew Pointer
2016Becky Hill
2017Liza Yianni
2018Emily Aucutt
2019Gary Windon