Mike Forge New Skydiver of the Year Trophy

The award is named in honour of BPA member Major Michael Lancaster Forge, who was tragically killed on active service in the Falkland Islands conflict on the 6th of June 1982.

Chief or Advanced Instructors nominate the New Skydiver of the Year. The criterion used is that a relatively new skydiver is nominated, who has progressed well during the last year and is also considered to be a valuable member of their Club.

2020: Fabiola Braioni

Nomination text from Fabiola’s Chief Instructor:
Fabiola moved from Italy to work in the UK five years ago, becoming a citizen in 2019. Each weekend she reminds all of us at Hinton what it is to dedicate all of one’s spare time not only in pursuit of excellence, but as a club member who is passionate about Skydiving. Throughout 2019-20 she has made approximately 410 jumps, which is remarkable given that she lives in London.

Almost every weekend (when the centre is open) I see a small tent pitched and there waiting at manifest to ensure she gets on the first load is “Fabby”. The smile that greets you is the same that appeared on the cover of Skydive Mag’s October edition (click). She is caring to those who need supporting, always interested in acquiring knowledge from anyone who is willing to give it and happy to impart anything she has learned.

She might not know it, but Fabiola is a very good mentor to those starting out in the sport, and in particular, to female jumpers.

Her level of progression in free-fall is something I have not readily come across previously. Free-Style is a particularly difficult discipline. Even the basics require a high level of skill. Making it look easy is even harder. She self-taught for most of 2019 making solo skydives. It wasn’t until others started jumping and filming her did, we see the level that she has attained. Fabiola seems to be a natural.

Without doubt the sport is enriched having personalities like hers. I believe she is on track to become a National Champion and is a credit to our club and British Skydiving.

Photo: Andy Ford

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