Mike Forge New Skydiver of the Year Trophy

The award is named in honour of BPA member Major Michael Lancaster Forge, who was tragically killed on active service in the Falkland Islands conflict on the 6th of June 1982.

Chief or Advanced Instructors nominate the New Skydiver of the Year. The criterion used is that a relatively new skydiver is nominated, who has progressed well during the last year and is also considered to be a valuable member of their Club.


Nomination text from Cian’s Chief Instructor:

The nominee for the Mike Forge Trophy started jumping in April 2021 and completed their AFF in early summer. They were hooked immediately and from that day on they would turn up at the Drop Zone every day either to jump or to do whatever jobs they could to make enough money for their next jump.

If there were no rigs to pack, the nominee would be seen refueling the aircraft, helping out around the DZ, and even emptying the bins. Despite the weather always being against them, their enthusiasm never waned, and they completed their 50th jump on the last jumping day of 2021

Previous Winners

YearRecipientHome Drop Zone
2020Fabiola BraioniHinton
2019Catherine BayadaAPA Netheravon
2018Steve JoyceHeadcorn
2016Dawn ConrardyHibaldstow
2015George WasonJSPC Netheravon
2014Jack DaviesHibaldstow
2013Rachel EdgsonLangar
2011Joe NewrickSilver Stars Parachute Club
2010Dan HarmerAPA Netheravon
2009George GlassHibaldstow
2008Dave LewisSilver Stars Parachute Club
2007Andreas Papadopoulos
2006Judy WalkerHeadcorn