Magazine Editors

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1964-65David Pierson
1966D. S. Drake
1967David Pierson, Dave Waterman, Anne Serpell, John Meacock
1968David Pierson, Dave Waterman, Anne Serpell, Chris Sharman
1969David Pierson, Chris Sharman, Bernard Bagge
1969-1970Bernard Bagge
1971-72John Meacock
1973John Meacock, Charles Shea-Simonds
1974-1981Charles Shea-Simonds
1981-87Dave Waterman
1987Charles Shea-Simonds
1988-89Carol Saunders
1989-90Steve Eversfield
1990John Horne, Brian Davies
1991-95Ola Soyinka
1995-2010Lesley Gale
2010-Liz Ashley