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Have you spotted a British Skydiving Star?

British Skydiving Star is our Award to recognise members who go the extra mile in helping and supporting ‘A’ licence holders and above stay and progress in the sport.  There are many examples of fantastic service within our sport. And we believe it’s time for them to be recognised!

That’s why we’re asking ‘A’ licence holders and above to tell us about great service. Have you received a shining example of customer service at a British Skydiving Affiliated Parachute Training Organisation (PTO) from another British Skydiving member – service above and beyond the norm that goes the extra mile? Service that’s made a real difference by helping you to stay in the sport, to achieve your next goal, or by giving you that all-important extra support just when you needed it most? Have you received Customer Service that deserves TAchieve Recognition?

Well, now’s your chance to thank that member in a special way by telling us all how they sparkle! Nominate them as a British Skydiving Star and both they – and you – could be recognised. There’s being helpful and then there’s being super-helpful. In sorting out a problem, giving help you weren’t expecting that made all the difference – that’s what we’re looking for. The member whose customer service shines through, who goes above and beyond the call of duty. The glittering performance that makes all the difference. A British Skydiving Star!

*Closing date to nominate a British Skydiving Star 2023 is Friday 1 December 2023.


2022 Star Award Winners

Kate Lindsley of Skydive Langar

Pete Mather of SkyHigh Skydiving


British Skydiving Stars 2021

Brian Cumming of Skydive Langar

Laura Hampton of Skydive Langar

British Skydiving Stars 2020

Richard Cotton of Various DZs

Eleanor Southworth of Various DZs

Jimmy McCarthy of Dunkeswell

British Skydiving Stars 2019

Yolande Lee of Beccles

Simon Peter Soper of Headcorn

British Skydiving Stars 2018

Phil Curtis of Langar

Fleur Jones of Headcorn

Lucy Westgarth of various DZs

British Skydiving Stars 2017

Kate Lindsley of Langar

Clem Quinn of Headcorn

David Sawyer of Dunkeswell

Harry Shanker of Netheravon

British Skydiving Stars 2016

Jack Bradford of Dunkeswell

Roger Hoe of Dunkeswell

Tony Lightfoot of Tilstock

British Skydiving Stars 2015

Andy Guest of Dunkeswell

Chris Shaw of Sibson

Marie-Ann Stevens of London Parachute

British Skydiving Stars 2014

Graham Ablett of Chatteris

Mark Harris of Sibson

Ian ‘Milko’ Hodgkinson of Langar

Martin Hopkins of Langar

“Camaraderie and that comfy feeling of being welcome and belonging can make the difference between staying in the sport or leaving.

The British Skydiving Star nominations are all heartwarming personal stories which, in aggregate, shine a light on the human factors that help to improve retention – essential if our sport is to grow and flourish. Retention rates may be expressed in cold statistics, but these statistics cover stories of humility, friendship and warmth – stories of British Skydiving members who genuinely care about the progression of their brother and sister members.”

Martin Soulsby, British Skydiving Vice President