As rewarding and challenging as skydiving is, to enjoy our sport we have to burn fossil fuels. General Aviation (GA) makes up a tiny proportion of emissions generated from flying, and skydiving makes up a fraction of GA, but that doesn’t absolve us of our responsibility to the planet. Whilst electric/hydrogen/sustainably sourced powering of aircraft is in the pipeline, it isn’t here yet, and a significant quantity of emissions have already been produced.

British Skydiving are proud to join VISIONAIRi’s #1jump#1tree initiative which provides a simple and effective way of offsetting our emissions. In partnership with Trees.org, an established, globally respected charity who have been planting trees in a sustainable manner for over 30 years, and since 2020 over 150,000 trees have been planted thanks to contributions from skydiving.

100% of donations to #1jump1tree are passed on to Trees.org 

How Much Should I Be Offsetting?

The recommendation is 25¢ (~20p) per jump (< 1% of an average flight ticket in the UK). So if you do 100 jumps a year, a donation of £20 would plant 100 trees and offset your emissions. Donations can be made at renewals time, or at anytime through the year via the British Skydiving Membership Portal -> Make a Donation.

VISIONAIRi’s Chris Sears gave a presentation at Skydive the Expo in January 2022 which gives more details about the initiative and you can watch it here.