RIGGERS 1st Feb 96

RIGGERS 1st Feb 96

7. A.O.B.

  1. The Chairmen presented a set of Tandem equipment manufactured by Parachutes de France, which had been updated to the ‘Atom’. This was basically the same as the Galaxy, but with a number of changes associated with the main system. One of the changes to the system was the toggle, which was another method of closing it up as opposed to the Velcro. Instead of being in a spandex pouch there is now a series of loops and grommets, so that when the drogue chute is pulled out the cable is pulled out as well.Allan informed the meeting that he had looked at the equipment and was happy with the changes.

    It was proposed by Allan Hewitt and seconded by Paul Applegate that the above equipment be accepted with the stated changes.

    For: 5 – Against: 0 – Abstentions: 1

    The meeting were also given a number of other modifications to the equipment. However, as Riggers had not seen the chest-mounted drogue release system as yet, they could not accept them at this stage.

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