RIGGERS 3rd Aug 06

RIGGERS 3rd Aug 06


A Student Parachutist Equipment Change proposal application from Andy Page had been circulated with the Agenda, together with related paperwork and drawings.

Andy had asked for a modification on the Strong Dual Hawk Tandem harness to move the secondary drogue release from the R/H lift web position, (which is adjacent to the primary drogue release) and reposition it on the L/H lift web, which will allow for L/H operation in the event of R/H arm or hand injury or student interference.

Andy had stated that this secondary release was originally intended to go on the student harness, but this was not generally used in the UK so Andy had said that it seemed sensible to have the R/H and L/H option rather than both on the same side. Andy presented the equipment to those present.

Following some discussion, it was proposed by Andy Page and seconded by Rick Boardman that the above modification is accepted for general use

Carried Unanimously

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