RIGGERS 04th Jun 15

RIGGERS 04th Jun 15


A proposal from Rick Boardman together with supporting paperwork had been circulated with the Agenda requesting that the Ex-military UPT Vector 2 Tandem TV14 Container (serial no: 35845) with the UPT MVTC-3R (421) reserve canopy (serial no: VR-421-005445) be accepted for use.

Rick had stated that Nicky Johnston was the independent Advanced Rigger who had endorsed the application.

Rick Boardman gave the meeting further details of his request and the equipment concerned was made available for inspection.

It was pointed out that the above canopies were currently grounded by BPA Safety Notice 02/2014.

The Chair reported that correspondence from Mark Procos of UPT regarding the use of the MVTC-3R reserve had been tabled to those present, together with an e-mail from Chris Gilmore who had pointed out that the MVTC-3R, which was a non-TSO’d 421 sqft Ex-Military Reserve canopy had not been accepted for sport parachuting in the UK.

Following discussion, the Committee agreed that the Student harness as presented be used with this specific combination of equipment, providing it was given an identification mark. Rick Boardman agreed to undertake this task.

Following further consideration, it was proposed by Rick Boardman and seconded by Nicky Johnston (proxy) that the Tandem container and reserve canopy (with serial numbers as stated above), which are currently grounded by BPA safety notice (SN 2/14) have their groundings individually lifted and that they be accepted for use together with the UPT Vector 2 Student harness as presented.

For: 8 – Against: 1 (Kim Newton) – Abstentions: 0

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