RIGGERS 05th Feb 15

RIGGERS 05th Feb 15


A draft document produced by Chris Gilmore and aimed at newly qualified Tandem packers has been circulated with the Agenda. The document had listed identifying markings, words and numbers for Tandem reserves, plus a draft list of which Tandem reserves can be fitted in specific Tandem containers. The idea was to issue the document as a BPA Form.

Chris Gilmore had stated that some of the Tandem systems had been accepted for use without specific Tandem reserve canopies being identified, which he believed may lead to confusion for newly qualified Tandem packers. In addition, some Tandem systems appeared open to all Tandem canopies and others appear more restrictive. Further, some manufacturers have changed the words and numbers that mark Tandem canopies over the years and others have introduced new tandem reserve canopies.

The Committee also noted the following correspondence relating to this item, which had been tabled for information:

  • An e-mail from Nicky Johnson stating that he was happy for any suitably sized main and reserves to be fitted to Aircare Tandem containers.
  • An e-mail from Bill Sharp

Following discussion, it was agreed by those present to issue Chris Gilmore’s list as a BPA Form, which would be available to download from the BPA website. A copy of the form would also be circulated to AP(T)s for information.

During further discussion on this item, some members present commented on the difficulty of searching for Rigging related forms on the BPA website. The Committee wondered whether there was merit in re-numbering the forms, so that any Rigging related documents could be kept in one group for easy reference.

The COO pointed out that it would be too onerous a task to start re-numbering all BPA forms, and pointed out that there was already a BPA Form (Form 238) where all BPA Rigging related forms were listed. He stated that the new form for Tandem reserves & markings would be added to this list, as well as a reference made to it on the BPA list of approved Tandem modifications.

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