RIGGERS 05th Feb 15

RIGGERS 05th Feb 15


A proposal from Nicky Johnston together with supporting paperwork had been circulated with the Agenda requesting that a Red Paratec Next Tandem Cutaway handle be accepted for use on a UPT Tandem Vector system and that it be cleared for use by all.

The method of change was a direct replacement, checking Teflon cable lengths. A letter from Bill Sharp with his comments on Agenda items 6 & 7 had been tabled to those present, in which he had raised some concern with regard to jumpers getting confused with the various colour combinations.

The Committee acknowledged Bill Sharp’s comments.

Kim Newton also expressed some concern with regard to the inter-changing of component parts, particularly in light of the recent Service Bulletins issued by Strong Enterprises and Paratec.

Pete Sizer confirmed that the Paratec Next handle had been previously accepted for use on the UPT Tandem Vector system in the past and that in these two items, the Committee were just debating colour changes.

Following discussion, it was proposed by Pete Sizer and seconded by Rick Boardman that the above request be accepted.

For: 9 – Against: 0 – Abstentions: 1 (Kim Newton)

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