RIGGERS 5th Aug 10

RIGGERS 5th Aug 10


A Student Harness & Container System ― Initial Clearance application request had been received from Kim Newton, a copy of which had been previously circulated with the Agenda, together with the relevant paperwork.

Kim presented the equipment to the meeting, which was the Next Century Tandem Container. Kim reported that the container had a number of differences from the Next Tandem and whilst she felt those differences may be described as minor, in order to prevent future misunderstandings, she believed it was necessary to accept the Next Century on its own merits. Kim had also advised that Mike Rust had examined the container and he had confirmed that there were no differences in the operation and drills for the Tandem Instructor/operator.

There then followed some discussion on this request. It was felt by those present that the equipment presented was in fact a manufacturers upgrade and therefore, it did not require acceptance for use by the Committee. Kim stated that she understood this, but had submitted the necessary paperwork out of courtesy to the Committee and asked for formal acceptance of this equipment by those present.

Following further discussion, it was proposed by Kim Newton and seconded by Pete Sizer that the above equipment as presented be accepted for use in the UK on the basis that it was a manufacturers upgrade.

Carried Unanimously

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