RIGGERS 06th Apr 17

RIGGERS 06th Apr 17


At the Riggers Subcommittee Meeting of 2 February 2017, the Committee had granted a blanket acceptance for the modification to add a ‘Y’ strap to a Paratec Tandem Student Harness.

Karen Saunders has now requested a number of variations to the original Y modification, and had submitted a Student Parachutist Equipment Change Proposal Application together with the relative paperwork and drawings, copies of which had been circulated with the Agenda.

Karen presented a mock-up of the proposed modification, and reported that she had improved the design slightly from the photos and drawings originally submitted.

Following consideration, it was proposed by Karen Saunders and seconded by Rick Boardman that the above modification be accepted.

Carried Unanimously

The relevant paperwork and photos for this modification, including a revised drawing and photographs would also be attached to the Minutes for information (Appendix A).

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