RIGGERS 6th Aug 09 (& STC 6th Aug 09)

RIGGERS 6th Aug 09 (& STC 6th Aug 09)

8. A.O.B.

  1. John Page asked for some guidance on an equipment related issue. Following some discussion by those present, it was felt that this matter be referred to STC that evening for consideration.

(STC 6th Aug 09)


The Chairman of STC then continued with matters arising from that evenings Riggers meeting. He stated that the meeting had discussed an equipment issue raised by John Page, which the meeting had agreed be referred to STC for consideration.

John Page reported that the issue surrounded a Strong Tandem system in a Vector configuration that had been accepted as a Tandem mod in the past, but not for general use.

He stated that of the several rigs he had seen, all had a loop from the cutaway pad around the secondary drogue release (the system as per the Next, not the Vector). He stated that he believed it should still not be given a general clearance for use as it required specific user briefings as the RSL was not on the same side as Next and Vector. He stated that Skydive London had been using the equipment in this configuration for some time and that an Advanced Rigger had also signed it off.

The meeting was also advised that Hinton and UKPS had also been using equipment in same configuration .

Following further discussion, John Page proposed, seconded by Stuart Meacock that Skydive London, UKPS and Hinton Skydiving be permitted to continue using equipment in this configuration, until the next Riggers meeting when he would submit a proposal including the necessary paperwork and Emergency Drills for the acceptance of these rigs.

For: 11 – Against: 0 – Abstentions: 1

NOTE: Please see RIGGERS 1st OCT 09 (continuation)

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