RIGGERS 07th Apr 16

RIGGERS 07th Apr 16


The Committee discussed correspondence from Bill Sharp, which had been circulated with the Agenda.

Bill Sharp had reported that he had been updating the BPA Tandem Mods website and he had noted that the manufacturers (Strong Parachutes) had published on their website (Strong), an approved list of components that are permitted and compatible to be used with the TNT Tandem system. Bill had pointed out that this list had included the unusual step of approving the use of two other manufacturers main canopies into their equipment apart from their own.Bill had stated that in the past, no other Tandem container manufacturer had ever formally approved other manufacturers main canopies to be used in their systems. However, the BPA had taken it upon themselves to allow this, via various clearances and the Riggers Subcommittee had many years ago established a policy that Tandem systems may accept ‘all mains into all containers’ provided that the canopy had been inspected (for size and compatibility) and signed off by a BPA Advanced Rigger.

Bill Sharp had asked for the Committee’s comments and thoughts of how this information may affect the BPA.

Following discussion, it was agreed by those present that the BPA’s well established policy, as set out above should be applied to Strong TNT containers when looking at the compatibility of various types of main canopies.

Carried Unanimously

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