RIGGERS 7th Jun 01

RIGGERS 7th Jun 01


Rick Boardman had submitted two proposals concerning Tandem modifications, which had been previously circulated with the Agenda. A letter from Bill Sharp had been received concerning these requests and had been circulated to those present. (Note: The second of Rick’s two proposals was not cleared, therefore it is not recorded)

The Committee was advised that Mr Boardman was unable to attend the Riggers meeting that evening, but Dave Ballard was able to put forward the two proposals on his behalf:

  1.  The first request was for the Red Devils to use a yellow reserve handles on their Tandem Next system. In September 1997, clearance was given for the Red Devils Tandem Vectors to have the colour changed, if there is a blend between jumpsuit and cutaway handle colour.

The Committee was advised that at a subsequent meeting this clearance was given for general use, but only if jumpsuit/cutaway handle blends in colour.

Dave Ballard advised those present that the Red Devils have a colour blend problem, between their jumpsuits and their reserve handle on their Tandem Next. The request was that the permission of September 1997 be extended to encompass the Tandem Next system.

Following discussion on this matter, it was proposed by Rick Boardman (proxy) and seconded by Allan Hewitt that the above request be accepted. The Committee wished to make it clear that this request was for the Red Devils Tandem Next equipment only.

For: 7 (incl. 2 by proxy) – Against: 0 – Abstentions: 2

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