RIGGERS 7th Dec 00

RIGGERS 7th Dec 00

This request was originally submitted to the Riggers Committee Meeting of the 28th September 2000. Due however, to application procedural errors, various options were given to Mr Wheatley to be actioned at a future meeting.

1. MINUTES AND MATTERS … (Cleared for All)

Page 2, Item 5 ― Tandem Modification. At the previous meeting the Committee had accepted a request from Richard Wheatley for permission to use a Vector 360 Tandem reserve in a Paratec Tandem Next container on proviso that the equipment was inspected by an independent Advanced Rigger.

The meeting was advised that a letter had been received by John Curtis confirming that he had inspected the equipment in question and in his opinion, he was satisfied that the two systems were compatible.

There being no further matters arising from the previous Minutes, it was proposed by Kim Newton and seconded by Pat Walters that the Minutes of the Riggers Committee Meeting of the 28th September 2000 be accepted as a true record.

Carried Unanimously

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