RIGGERS 8th Aug 02

RIGGERS 8th Aug 02

1. Minutes and Matters arising from the Riggers Meeting of 6th June 02

Page 6, Item 8 – AOB (vi) – Point Zero Equipment Rebuild.

At the previous meeting, the Committee had accepted for use a rebuild of a Tandem Vector container by Point Zero.

The Committee was advised that Bill Sharp had requested that the Point Zero rebuild be given a name and he also requested details of the canopies.

Circulated with the agenda was correspondence from Point Zero stating that the rebuild was now called “PZ Option”, containing a Paratec 372 Main canopy and Vector II Tandem reserve.

It was proposed by David Gould (proxy) and seconded by Richard Wheatley that the Point Zero rebuild known as “PZ Option” be accepted for use.

For: 5 (incl 1 by proxy) – Against: 0 – Abstentions: 2

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