RIGGERS 10th Jun 04

RIGGERS 10th Jun 04


At the previous meeting, the Committee had discussed a proposal from Bill Sharp involving the RWS Tandem Sigma Student Harness. The proposal had been to add some tape extension handles to the existing passenger harness quick release buckles, for ease of release by the Tandem Instructor.

At the previous meeting it was felt by those present that as this modification had already been approved in the past and had been given a ‘blanket’ approval (15 Feb 2001). The Committee had felt that Bill’s proposal could be included in this ‘blanket’ approval, even though the Tandem Sigma had not been in use then. The Chairman had been asked to contact Bill on this matter.

Bill Sharp had submitted a letter to the Committee on this item, a copy of which had been circulated with the agenda.

Bill had stated that in Feb 2001, he was given a clearance for the initial modification to the Tandem Vector student harness. At that time, the modification was approved with a blanket approval for all to use on the Tandem Vector system.

The Tandem Sigma was not approved for use in the UK until Dec 2001, about a year later. At the same Dec 2001 meeting, the NCSO advised the Committee that the Tandem Sigma was a completely different system to the Tandem Vector. Thereafter, because of these differences, it was decided to treat it separately, complete with a new section added to the BPA Approved Tandem Modification website, specifically for Tandem Sigma clearances and modifications.

Bill Sharp had also stated that he had attended the Feb 2002 Rigger’s meeting, and whilst there, he asked a general question about the use of the previous ‘Tandem Vector student harness tape extensions clearance’ for use with the new Tandem Sigma harness. He stated that he was advised that as it was a new and different system, that it would be best to re-submit the clearance in the Tandem Sigma’s name. At that time, for various reasons he never bothered but then decided to include it with my other clearance for attention at the last meeting.

Bill had stated in his correspondence that the above ‘blanket clearance’ suggestion was never given, nor was it ever intended to be given. The acceptance was for general use on the Tandem Vector. Bill had stated that in his opinion this ‘blanket clearance’ assumption is a reversion back to the days of anything goes, something that he had spent a lot of time getting sorted out. Bill stated that the Tandem Sigma (TV3) harness may be the same or similar as the Tandem Vector harness (TV2) but they belong to two different systems, and should have separate clearances.

The Committee accepted Bill’s comments on this matter.

Bill Sharp had therefore, re-applied for the same Tandem Sigma student harness tape extensions application as previously submitted.

Following further discussion on this matter, it was proposed by Bill Sharp (proxy) and seconded by John Harding that Bill Sharp’s modification to add some tape extension handles to the existing passenger harness quick release buckles to the RWS Tandem Sigma Student Harness as per the drawings previously submitted.

For: 5 (incl. 2 by proxy) – Against: 0 – Abstentions: 1

A proxy vote in favour of this item had been received from Allan Hewitt.

Pete Sizer said that he would put forward a similar proposal for consideration at the next meeting with regard to extension handles to be used on other Tandem equipment.

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