RIGGERS 11th Aug 05

RIGGERS 11th Aug 05


At the Riggers Committee Meeting of 14 April 2005, the Committee had accepted a proposal from Bill Sharp for a modification to the RWS Tandem Sigma Student Harness. The modification included drilling a hole into each of the two Tandem Sigma Student Harness butterfly snap hooks (the butterfly gate part, not the main hook), in order to insert a locking pin. The Committee had accepted this modification for use by Bill Sharp only, as at the time there was no diagram or details of the location/dimension of the hole or specified the type of locking pins to be used. The Committee had felt that that they would like to see this modification accepted for general use. Bill had therefore re-submitted the relevant paperwork and drawings, copies of which had been circulated with the agenda for consideration by the Committee.

Following some discussion, it was proposed by Bill Sharp and seconded by John Harding that the above Student Equipment Modification be accepted for general use on any student harnesses that have the same butterfly snap hooks as the Sigma (part nos: MS22042, MS22042-1, MS70121).

Carried Unanimously

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