RIGGERS 24th Feb 05

RIGGERS 24th Feb 05


At the Riggers Committee Meeting of 7 October 2004, the Committee unanimously accepted Pete Sizer’s proposal with regard to a Student Tandem Equipment Modification involving the fitting of release tabs on side-tie buckles to Tandem Student harnesses, as per the drawings previously circulated.

The Minute referring to this item actually related to another proposal from Pete Sizer (not previously circulated) requesting a change to the specification for BPA Minor Mods I & 2, for the use of AML 16720 double gate snaps as an alternative to previously listed snap hooks. This request was not discussed or voted on at the meeting and would therefore need to be considered at this meeting.

Following some discussion on this item, it was agreed by Pete Sizer that he would withdraw his proposal at this time.

In a letter circulated from Bill Sharp. Bill had commented on the importance of reading the Minutes properly for absolute clarity, particularly the person who originally proposed the item.

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