RIGGERS 27th Sept 12

RIGGERS 27th Sept 12


A Student Parachutist Equipment Change Proposal from Noel Purcell had been circulated with the Agenda together with the relevant paperwork and drawings. The proposed change was to add a Y strap to a Paratec Tandem Student Harness to keep the legstraps in place and to prevent his student slipping out of the harness. Noel reported that the manufacturers of the harness had stated that they were happy with his proposed modification.

The Committee were advised that Noel had presented his proposed mod to the previous meeting, and those Riggers present could see no problem with his a proposal. However, a decision could not be taken then, as the related paperwork had not arrived in time for it to be included on the outgoing agenda for that meeting. This item had therefore been deferred until this meeting.

Noel Purcell once again presented the harness and proposed mod to those present.

Following further discussion and consideration, it was proposed by Noel Purcell and seconded by Dave Major that the proposed change to the Paratec Tandem Student harness as presented with the type 7 back strap and belly band (this was not the original which did not have a back band or belly band, nor the newest model which has a type 17 back band and no belly band) be accepted for use at Target Skysports.

Carried Unanimously

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