RIGGERS 28th Sep 06

RIGGERS 28th Sep 06


At the previous meeting, some concern had been raised from those present because a candidate attending an Advanced Packers Tandem Upgrade Course had been introduced to the flat and pro packing of Tandem reserves, even though the pro packing of Tandem reserves was not permitted in the UK, unless the Tandem reserve manufacturer states in their manual, that pro-packing is permitted.

This topic had generated some discussion and the Committee felt that the subject of pro-packing Tandem reserves needed re-addressing. A good deal of discussion ensued on this issue. It was generally felt by those present that as the subject of pro-packing is being taught on Advanced Packing Courses and some manufactures state that pro-packing is permitted, then the BPA should permit the pro-packing of Tandem reserves.

Following further discussion, it was proposed by Pete Sizer and seconded by Ray Armstrong that Tandem reserves can be packed as per the manufacturers instructions.

Carried Unanimously… but also see Riggers 29th Mar 07

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