RIGGERS 31st Jul 97

RIGGERS 31st Jul 97

7. A.O.B.

  1. Nick Johnston gave the meeting details of his request that the Flight Concept 425 Tandem Canopy be cleared for use at BPA clubs and centres. He informed the meeting that he had carried out 25 trial jumps on the canopy, including a number of bag jumps and some with experienced jumpers.

    It was pointed out to Nick that he should have requested permission from the Committee before carrying out any ‘live’ jumps, as per Operations Manual requirements.

    The Committee were not very impressed with the way in which this proposal had been presented and felt it should have contained more detailed information. They felt that where Tandem equipment is concerned it should not come up for discussion under A.O.B., but that we should have as much information as possible from as many people as possible. The Committee therefore agreed that as a general principal for the future, any item concerning Tandem equipment must go out with the Agenda prior to it being discussed as a main item.

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