STC 6th Feb 14

STC 6th Feb 14


Paul Applegate reported on the meeting held that afternoon and stated the Committee had considered a request from George Panagopoulos for the Strong Enterprises (TNT) Tandem Container System to be accepted for use.

Paul reported that the full system had been available at the meeting and had been inspected by those Riggers present. He stated that the Committee had accepted the equipment from a rigging point of view, but that STC may wish to consider the position from an operational perspective.

George Panagopoulos was present at STC and provided further details of the equipment in question. George reported that the system was similar to the Strong Dual Hawk Tandem Container, but stated that it had been upgraded to a one pin instead of a 2 pin. He also highlighted a number of other differences with the system.

Following further consideration on this matter, it was proposed by Pete Sizer and seconded by Ray Armstrong that the Strong Enterprises (TNT) Tandem system be checked out operationally by a ‘Strong’ rated Tandem Instructor Examiner, as there may be a need to look at producing a different set of emergency drills for the equipment.

Carried Unanimously

ompson agreed to carry out a couple of jumps on the system and to also produce a written report on his findings to the Committee.

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