British Skydiving Council Elections 2023 Update

At the close of nominations at midday on Friday 18th November, a total of eleven nominations have been received for the five seats that will become vacant next year at the AGM. As a result of the 5 seats being contested, an election has been triggered. The nominees are, in alphabetical order Mary Barratt James […]

British Skydiving Star Awards 2023

Nominations are open for the British Skydiving Star Awards. The British Skydiving Star Award is our way to recognise members who have gone the extra mile in helping and supporting ‘A’ licence holders and above stay and progress in the sport. Have you received customer 𝗦ervice that deserves 𝗧o 𝗔chieve 𝗥ecognition? Now’s your chance to thank that member and nominate them […]

British Skydiving Council Elections 2023

Nominations are now open for the British Skydiving Council 2023. There are 5 seats up for election this year, an election will be triggered if there are more than 5 nominations. The closing date for receipt of nominations is Friday the 18th of November at Midday. Please go to the website linked to enter your […]

The World of Skydiving

First Jump?

Skydiving is one of today’s most exciting sports. Dynamic and colourful, it offers mastery of the air and the freedom to make the skies your own!

Become a Skydiver

Enjoyment, exhilaration and limitless challenge are available even to the absolute beginner. And at its highest level, skydiving is an intensely competitive sport which requires finely tuned skills, intimate knowledge of the air and perfect body control.

Training & Progression

Many new skydivers try out the different disciplines and find which they enjoy most. We are waiting for you to take part!

Where can I jump?

More people than ever are discovering for themselves the pure joy that freedom of the skies can bring. Please contact our Affiliated Parachute Organisons / Drop Zones for information on their days and hours of operation.

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Becoming a qualified skydiver is one the
greatest achievements of my life so far.
I’ve experienced first-hand the fear and
pressures of a first jump and witnessed
them slowly ebb to become a feeling of
euphoric freedom!


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Skydiving is my life.
The people I have met
have become the greatest
friends one could ever meet


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