8-Way FS, VFS, Speed Skydiving Nationals

The 8-Way Formation Skydiving Nationals, VFS 2-way and 4-Way Nationals, and the Speed Skydiving Nationals were completed this weekend at @SkyHigh Skydiving Peterlee

🎉 The results 🎉

FS 8 way – Open
🥇 Microclim8
🥈 Macro Climb In
🥉 Ap8thy

FS 8 way – Intermediate
🥇 Macro Climb Out
🥈 Fell8

VFS 4 way – Open
🥇 Omni99

VFS 4 way – Intermediate
🥇 So Scratchy It Hurts

VFS 2 way – Intermediate

🥇 Jimmy McCarthy
🥈 Martin Reynolds
🥉 Max Hurd

Congratulations to all the competitors, and thank you to the judges, and the staff for helping run the event over a challenging weekend!

#BritishSkydiving #Nationals2022