Board of Directors Meeting Update

Board of Directors Meeting Update

The board meeting on the 5 March covered a good deal of ground and I want to share a brief update on some highlights ahead of the minutes being published.

We selected 2 members to fill the casual vacancies, Rebecca Bradley and Tony Crilly. We were delighted to receive 9 applications and were very impressed with them all.












We signed off an implementation plan for the 16 recommendations made by the independent Board review.  This involves considerable work in areas such as reviewing the electoral processes, creating a Board succession plan and tightening up role descriptions and Terms of Reference. We started that work straight away, agreeing selection processes and role descriptions for our future ISC delegates and Committee members.

We debriefed the Expo and AGM (thanks to everyone who gave us feedback). There is a good deal to consider and most notably the gala dinner continues to receive poor feedback. So, our Expo Programme Board will be coming back to the Board with recommendations for future improvements in that area.

Our CEO, Rob Gibson, provided the Board with a very comprehensive report covering our key strategic pillars.

For more insight, keep your eyes on the members’ section of the website as the minutes will be landing there very soon.

Mary, Chair of British Skydiving