British Skydiving Canopy Formation National Championships 2022

What a fantastic weekend of competition at the Canopy Formation National Championships 2022 at Skydive Langar

It was great to see some fierce competition for the top spots!

Thank you to all the judges and the dropzone staff for helping to run a smooth operation.

The full results are:

4-Way Rotation
🥇 Cark-Rash
🥈 RAFSPA Chinook

4-Way Sequential
🥇 Airspace Invaders

2-Way Sequential – Senior
🥇 Airspace Invaders
🥈 Velcoiwraptros

2-Way Sequential – Intermediate
🥇 RAFSPA Reaper
🥈 Stack it up before you wrap it up
🥉 HelRoy

2-Way Sequential – Rookie
🥇 Cark Screw
🥈 RAFSPA Chipmunks
🥉 That’s a Wrap

🎉Congratulations everyone! 🎉

📸 Peter Hughes
📸 Spener Bailey