British Skydiving joins VISIONAIRi’s #1jump1tree initiative

British Skydiving are proud to announce the collaboration with VISIONAIRi’s #1jump1tree initiative. Members who are concerned about their environmental impact from skydiving can help mitigate the effect by donating money that will be used to plant trees to absorb carbon. 1jump1tree have chosen as their partner, an established, globally respected charity who have been planting trees in a sustainable manner for over 30 years.  Since 2020, over 150,000 trees have been planted thanks to contributions from skydiving via #1jump1tree.

100% of donations to #1jump1tree are passed on to 

The recommendation is 25¢ (~20p) per jump (< 1% of an average flight ticket in the UK) which equates to the planting of one tree. So if you do 100 jumps a year, a donation of £20 would plant 100 trees and offset your emissions.

Whilst renewals have now begun, the website isn’t quite ready to accept donations yet. So if you do want to donate to this, or our other funds (Drop Zone Defence Fund, British Team Fund), you might wish to delay your renewal for a few days until the functionality is available. If you do wish to renew right now (remember, your membership doesn’t expire until the 1st of April) you will be able to make a donation via the Membership Portal -> Make A Donation when the donation facility has been released, which will be announce of social media/the website. Paper renewals will also include 1jump1tree as a beneficiary, but since this will increase the workload on the office, and takes more effort on your part, we would recommend waiting.

You can watch VISIONAIRi’s Chris Sear talk about 1jump1tree at this year’s Skydive the Expo: