British Skydiving Launches Social Distance Learning

Recently we have seen members thinking of innovative ideas whilst skydiving isn’t taking place. There have been several virtual activities provided by some instructors, judges and sponsored athletes, aimed at keeping up the interest.

Instructor of the year 2018, Emily Aucutt, has provided virtual progression briefs for students and recently qualified A licence holders. Laura Hampton from Chimera: 4 Way Formation Skydiving Team has provided a presentation titled ‘4-way to podium’ and competition Judge, Lucy Westgarth, has set up the FS Judging corner.

In response to this we have set up a new ‘Social Distance Learning’ page on our website where you can find links to interesting educational content. If you have any ideas or suggestions then please share them with us and help support the skydiving community whilst we can’t jump.

Find out more: social-distance-learning