British Skydiving Rebrand

British Parachute Association has undergone a total brand review and has unveiled its new identity, logo and website.

The new brand is not just about a name change and a logo. It encompasses a brand personality and a visual identity that identifies who we are, what we do and that captures the quintessence of our sport that will drive further engagement, increase participation and align us with other elite sports in the public eye.

The new brand identity reflects British Skydiving’s commitment to providing the very best services in order to meet the needs of its members and those of the affiliated Parachute Training Organisations (PTOs).

After a competitive pitch process Norwich based agency, Creative Sponge was chosen to lead the rebrand and worked closely with the Council and staff to build a brand identity that reflects British Skydiving’s core values and future strategy.  The rebrand to British Skydiving also includes fresh new identities for Skydive the Mag and Skydive the Expo.

The new website ( which also launched on the same day will seek to increase British Skydiving’s online presence and help to communicate with current as well as prospective members. It includes the development of the new membership database, PIMS – Personal Information Management System which is scheduled to go live next week. Members will be able to renew their membership and ratings online.

The new website and membership database was built by member relations management specialist Eudonet UK based in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The new website includes new sites for Skydive the Mag ( and Skydive the Expo ( bringing together the British Skydiving Family under one central hub. Although all email addresses transfer to the new domain the old emails will still be redirected.

Commenting on the rebrand to British Skydiving, Chief Operating Officer, Tony Butler said;

“I’m delighted that we have rebranded as British Skydiving. It’s important that our brand works not just for existing members, but from the wider public from where tomorrow’s members will come. And in spreading the word on our sport in the media too. I believe we are the first of the sport parachuting national governing bodies across the world to rebrand from sport parachuting to skydiving. It will be interesting to see whether we are in the vanguard of what becomes a trend, in which case we might claim a British first! The new brand is better for our engagement with the wider sporting landscape as skydiving takes its rightful place in the family of British sports. Who we are and what we do is now clearer. And it’s a super band for our international delegations to fly our flag among our many skydiving friends from other nations near and far on the world stage”