Calling all Jumpers, Instructors & DZ Staff

Callum Kennedy of UK Parachuting, Beccles is starting a movement to bring the whole UK Skydiving scene together

Callum is looking for 5-10 second max videos of YOU saying ‘Stay at Home’ as well as any other points you find necessary ie. ’Support the NHS’ ‘Wash your Hands’ ect

Be creative with it if you like, would be great to spread a little humour, even if we make 1% of people who see the video Stay at Home then we are making our difference as a community and hopefully we can get back to normality soon causing chaos in the sky

Videos can be recorded on mobile phones, go pros, laptops or potatoes, whatever your best quality is. Please don’t feel silly or stupid making one. Every single person reading this is our community 2 jumps or 2000 jumps we are all the same.

Callum is calling upon the British Skydiving Council, Chief Instructors, Examiners, TI’s, AFFI’s, Camera Flyers, Coaches, Club Jumpers and EVERYONE who is involved in our sport in whatever way it may be.

Please send your videos to

Please include in your email your;

  • Full Name
  • Your main discipline i.e. CI, British Skydiving Committee, TI, Club Jumper etc
  • Home Dropzone
  • Jump Numbers

Lets all make a positive contribution and hopefully get over this pandemic together

Help us express how big the skydiving community is and how creative we are.

Deadline is 6th April.