Council Election 2020 – Results

We are pleased to announce the results of the British Skydiving 2020 Council Election, following the close of voting at noon today. Results received from mi-voice.

Congratulations to all those who have been elected and our sincere thanks to everyone who stood for election.


ELECTION RESULT: Declared at 12:30 on 9 January 2020

CandidateNumber of VotesPercentage*Result
Kate Lindsley60059.6%Elected for 3 years
Craig Poxon51451.1%Elected for 3 years
Simon Soper47947.6%Elected for 3 years
Mary Barratt45545.2%Elected for 3 years
Jack Davies39138.9%Elected for 1 year
Jim Bradwell38238.0%
Ben Samuel34434.2%
Kieran Brady26726.5%

*Percentage of the number of members who voted for candidate

Total number of ballot papers issued:  5149
Total number of members who voted: 1006
Total number of individual votes: 3432
Turnout: 19.5%
Number of postal ballots returned: 5
Number of votes cast online: 1001
Spoilt Postal Ballots: 0