Covid-19 & Restarting Skydiving in the UK


This document is intended to be read AFTER you have familiarised yourself with the advice published by the NHS and Government.   The sources you should have read are listed in Appendix 1 at the end of this document.  You should apply that advice but remain aware that it can change with time.  The document “Covid-19 – Discussion of DZ Factors” was published 2 months ago on the British Skydiving website, before the exponential increase in levels of infection. It is no longer a valid analysis.

The level of infection in the UK is continuing to change, as is the level of knowledge about the virus.   This document is being prepared on 6th May 2020 and may already be out of date by the time you are reading it.   If any opinion in this document appears to conflict with official advice from the NHS or the Government, then you should follow the official advice.

What follows is a discussion about risk areas, how you might choose to mitigate them and how mitigating them could sometimes cause other potential problems.  Arguments have been shortened and much nuanced detail omitted.  Much of what follows about Covid-19 (C-19) at the drop zone may be only opinion, without firm evidence to back it.  It should be used to promote discussion between DZOs and their staff as to what may be practical and desirable.  There are probably no “zero risk” options.  This document is a discussion and not an instruction.

The information contained in this briefing is available to download as a PDF