Craig Poxon elected as Chair of Council

The first Council meeting of 2020 saw the election of a new chair as Martin Soulsby stepped down as Chair of the association after 9 years.

In the meeting which followed the AGM at Skydive the Expo, Craig Poxon was elected to Chair of Council. Craig has been Vice-Chair of Council since 2012 and has been a Director of British Skydiving for 14 years, he chaired the Development Committee from 2009 has been a delegate to the Royal Aero Club since 2014 and the International Skydiving Commission since 2017. Upon his appointment, Adrian Bond was elected Vice-Chair. Adrian has been in the sport 17 years, of which 14 years have been spent on Council contributing to the overall strategy and governance of the organisation. During this period 9 years have been spent as Chair of Communications and Vice-Chair of Development.

Left to Right: Martin Soulsby – Vice-President, Craig Poxon – Chair

In recognition of his loyal service, Martin Soulsby took office in the position of Vice President, an honour that is bestowed upon those who have made a significant and valued contribution to British Skydiving and to Council.

Council is putting in place a new committee structure from this year to help to deliver its Strategic Plan for British Skydiving. The technical committees – the Safety & Training Committee (STC) and its Riggers’ Subcommittee – are not affected by the current changes.

There will be a new Finance Committee, which will be chaired by the Treasurer. The old Development Committee is reborn with a more focussed remit as the Member Development Committee (MDC). It will look after member journeys in our sport covering coaching, training and development pathways, including liaison with STC on the development of new ratings and qualifications.
It will champion diversity, inclusivity and access to, and progression in, our sport.

Competitions will be covered by the new Élite Performance Committee (EPC), which will be responsible to Council for British Skydiving’s domestic competitions – the British Open Nationals,  the UK Skydiving League and our Grand Prix – plus selection and coordination of our International Delegations to World and other International Meets. Responsibility for the successful programme of Skills Coaching Roadshows will now come under MDC.

The Communications Committee will continue to serve the membership and beyond through oversight of British Skydiving’s digital platforms, including the new web hub and social media, as well as being the editorial advisory body for Skydive the Mag.

Council elected the following Officers and Delegates:

  • Chair: Craig Poxon
  • Vice-Chair: Adrian Bond
  • Treasurer / Chair of Finance Committee: Natasha Higman
  • Chair, Safety & Training Committee (STC): Jeff Montgomery
  • Chair, Membership Development Committee (MDC): Mark Bayada
  • Chair, Élite Performance Committee (EPC): Sam Lee
  • Chair, Communications Committee: to be elected
  • Delegate to the Royal Aero Club: Martin Soulsby
  • Alternate Delegate to the Royal Aero Club: Craig Poxon

Left to Right: Adrian Bond – Vice-Chair, Craig Poxon – Chair, Sam Lee – Chair of Élite Performance Committee (EPC), Mark Bayada – Chair of Membership Development Committee (MDC)