British Skydiving Development Event Women’s Weekender ’23!

The Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club Women’s Weekender ’23 recently took place with help from the British Skydiving Development Events Fund.

A successful weekend with many achievements!

Ailbhe and Bethan jumped again after 4 years off, Ayesha jumped after a 9 year lay off, Cheryl jumped after 1 year off, Orla did her first jumps since having a baby. Wendy got her FF1, Sharon did her first 4 Way and Jenny completed her AFF Level 6! πŸ‘πŸ»

Inspiring Talks and Presentations
πŸͺ‚ Elise Sharp – Project 19/Women’s Vertical World Record
πŸͺ‚ Laura Bamford – Working Abroad
πŸͺ‚ Karen Saunders – Our Kit
πŸͺ‚ Lucy Mancey – Packing Tips
πŸͺ‚ Hannah Betts – Highlight Pro Skydiving Team/Becoming a Stunt Performer
πŸͺ‚ Yoga sessions from Reka Szots.

Organising Team
πŸͺ‚ Sara Orton – CI
πŸͺ‚ Victoria Bradley – AFF/FS
πŸͺ‚ Rebecca Bradley – AFF/FS
πŸͺ‚ Lucy Mancey – FS
πŸͺ‚ Kate Lindsley – FS
πŸͺ‚ Julie Murray – FS
πŸͺ‚ Cara Pritchard – AFF/FS
πŸͺ‚ Reka Szots – FF

From Kat Busby Hicks

“Each time we do this, we are so inspired by the women who come – these women of courage, resourcefulness, determination and a willingness to try something different. Those who’ve persevered despite injuries, or had a long break from skydiving or come not really knowing anyone or those who came and jumped and made great progress. Those who shared their knowledge and those who felt comfortable asking questions. All of you make the event such a success and it is humbling to hear how much you gained from it, how much you enjoyed it and found out how bloody great it is for women to have a bit of time together. We’ve got you, sisters!

Here’s to next year and the rise of the Tilly Cartel – plans are afoot!”