Development Events Scheme

British Skydiving has been working on updating its Skills Coaching Roadshow programme to make sure we keep providing support for newer members across a wide range of events, introducing them to different disciplines and competitions. It will become the Development Events scheme, which is being tested out this year through a small number of pilot studies, ready for a full launch next season.

This scheme will offer support of up to £1500 per event, alongside other forms of support such as mentoring. The Development Events Scheme will keep the best aspects of the Skills Coaching Roadshow programme and there will still be scope to run the ‘old’ Roadshow type event, but it will open support up to being more tailored to what newer jumpers need (we consulted different groups of members, and the A licence jumpers really stepped up to this, so a big ‘thank you’ to all to our amazing A licence members).

We are still looking for a few more events to support as pilot projects. So, if you have an idea for an event that you, or someone you know, could run under this scheme, please take a look at the information sheet for more details, and send us an application as soon as possible.

MDC – Development Events – Information and Guidance [draftv4]

MDC – Development Events – Application Form [draftv4]

*Please Note: As the Developments Events Scheme is still in the trial phase, the above documents are still marked ‘Draft’ and are subject to revision.