Carex Achieves Guinness World Records™ Title


As COVID-19 restrictions lift in England, Carex has high-fived its way into the record book after setting a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the most high and low fives on a skydive, to help show people how they can get out and about as safely as possible by carrying hand sanitser on the go.

[19th July, 2021] To mark lockdown restrictions lifting in England, Carex has been awarded a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the ‘Most high and low fives by a pair in a single skydive’. The brand has pulled off the feat to help show how to bring people back together safely by carrying protection on the go.

The attempt was achieved by expert skydivers, Emily Aucutt and Josh Carratt, in a bid to help the public feel confident about getting back together safely by carrying sanitiser on the go, wherever they are and however they travel, by car, train, plane or even parachute.

The incredible feat of a world record was achieved at the Langar Airfield in Nottingham. The expert skydiving pair, had to achieve a minimum of 30 high and low fives during a skydiving freefall to be awarded the record. They achieved an astonishing 32 high and lows fives within the 63.3 second freefall – of course fully sanitised by Carex.

As we return to being out and about more, Carex are encouraging people to continue to hand sanitise as part of their daily routine. A recent study by Carex showed that 80% of people in England feel more confident whilst out and about if carrying hand gel, and Carex are encouraging people to make sure they carry protection on the go as we move out of lockdown.

Sameen Kenway, Carex Senior Brand Manager comments on the new record achievement, ’This particular record title has never been attempted before so we are thrilled to have achieved it in partnership with Emily and Josh. As we begin to return to normality, naturally many of us are nervous about being in contact with others again, we want to offer them all the care & protection they need to feel confident when out and about. So we are encouraging everyone to Always Carry Carex wherever they go so they can enjoy being back together with people again’.

Emily Aucutt, who took part in the attempt and was recently awarded British Skydiving Instructor of the Year says: ‘When Carex approached us to take part in the world record, we were ecstatic. Not only to be a part of an incredible campaign, but also to work with a brand that takes safety so seriously. Skydiving is an extreme sport, so safety is imperative, and we know that Carex really understands that!’. Emily continues, ‘The attempt was a lot more challenging than we had initially thought but we persevered and are so elated to have achieved this GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title in partnership with Carex’.

Up until recently, Emily was on the frontline helping to administer COVID-19 vaccinations, and therefore was keen to encourage the public to carry sanitiser with them on-the-go to help keep everyone safe as we start to return to normality.

Angel Fernandez, Communications Manager at British Skydiving added: ‘British Skydiving is immensely proud of the Guinness World Record achievement by Emily Aucutt and Josh Carratt, like all our members they uphold and promote the highest safety standards in our sport so it’s great to see Carex sharing values of safety in their ‘High Five to Freedom’ campaign.’

Watch Emily and Josh in the official video: