Kev Dynan Joins as New Safety and Training Officer

British Skydiving welcomes a new addition to the safety team – Kev Dynan.

Kev will be joining us in the role of Safety and Training Officer, he will be working alongside Ryan and Jeff. Kev’s joining completes the safety team at British Skydiving.

Kev joins British Skydiving from a busy PTO where he was a full-time instructor and Deputy Chief Instructor. He started skydiving in 2001 and gained his first instructor rating in 2009, an eventful course as an instructor candidate deployed his canopy in the aircraft as he was moving to the door on a static line jump! He has just under 9,000 jumps, and is an Advanced Instructor, Examiner and CT/CP Coach.

Outside skydiving, Kev has interests in travel and flying. He holds a helicopter PPL and a degree in Geography. He taught in Ghana for 6 months when he finished his degree, has travelled to various exotic parts of the world and has been involved in running overseas volunteer organisations.

“Instructing is my skydiving passion, and I still find it an honour to take, teach or film someone on their first ever skydive. Being awarded an examiner rating further fuelled my passion for teaching and I’ve had the privilege of working on courses with the instructors of the future, who I hope will carry their passion forward and inspire the students they train to become future skydivers.

Outside working with the next generation of skydivers and instructors, I developed a keen interest in safety which was motivated by a couple of incidents at PTOs where I have worked at. This inspired me to look at the causes of incidents and, in particular, the human factors that lead up to them. I firmly believe that training people in the causes of incidents and the lessons learnt will ultimately help us to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

I look forward to working with the next generation of instructors, playing my part in keeping skydiving safe and taking a role in this new and exciting time for British Skydiving.”

Welcome to the team Kev!